Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in English
200hrs Milan January 2021, with Nico Luce

The art of teaching Yoga



Yogamilan and Luce Yoga offer students a 200-hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program certified by Yoga Alliance (RYS 200). This training is a complete and progressive learning experience that deepens student’s knowledge and builds a solid foundation for a working yoga teacher, in each of these fields of study:



• anatomy & physiology
• asana & sequencing
• teaching methodology
• pranayama & meditation
• energetics
• history & philosophy
• sanskrit terminology & mantra
• ethics and the business of Yoga



With a scope both deep and wide, this program fosters the growth of both the student and teacher in you through ample exploratory, integrated learning, and practice teaching.
Our mission is to prepare the student to develop safe and sensible Yoga classes for all levels of studentship. In this training, you will learn to artfully create a sequence and teach asana skillfully, to accurately observe students’ bodies, assist them into optimally aligned asana through the use of words, basic hands-on adjustments, modifications and the use of props. An in depth study of functional anatomy and physiology will form the basis for understanding how to instruct each asana and create a sound sequence.
We believe a deeper understanding of Yoga and how to teach asana comes from a consistent commitment to a personal practice, which will become a well-spring of resources and inspiration for the new teacher. As such, asana, bio-mechanics and sequencing are at the core of this training. With Asana Labs and Practice Teaching sessions on a regular basis, the student will deepen the knowledge of the bio-mechanics of Yoga and develop communication skills to transmit this knowledge to his/her own students.






The nature of this training schedule requires participants to fully immerse themselves in the study and practice yoga. Participants should be sincerely interested and ready to study earnestly. You need to be in good health and able to move free of pain. As such, I recommend a regular yoga practice of at least one year prior to this training.
This training may be taken to deepen your own knowledge, with or without the intention to teach.



Sample day:



8:00-8:30 Opening, Meditation & Pranayama
8:30-10:30 Dynamic Asana Practice
11:00-13:00 Anatomy Lectures
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
14:00-15:30 Elements of Teaching & Asana Lab
15:30-16:30 Philosophy & Energetics Lectures
16:30-17:30 Restorative Closing Practice







This course is thought entirely in English, even thought the manual is available both in English and in Italian.



The dates of the training are as follows, starting from January 2021.



• Modulo 1:
 January 29-31
• Modulo 2:
 February 26-28
• Modulo 3: March 26-28
• Modulo 4: April 23-26
• Modulo 5: May 21-23
• Modulo 6: June 18-20

• Modulo 7: July 17-24





This training develops in 6 long weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 8.00 to 5.30 p.m.) once a month + 6 days retreat at the end.



How to enrol:



In order to reserve your spot in this training a non-refundable deposit of €300 is required. After this, you can choose among the following options



Early bird €2750 (Payment excluding deposit within October 30th)
Or €2950 (Payment excluding deposit within January 7th)
Or €500 per module for 7 modules (within January 7th one has to pay €1500 and the rest one week before the module starts).



In order to partecipate to this training one has to subscribe to our studio with the annual enrolment (€35 una tantum).

The cost of the place where we will go on a retreat for the last 6 days will be communicate at the beginning of the training e will be paies directly to the hotel one month before date.



For any info or to enrol: info@yogamilan.it



Dicono della nostra formazione gli allievi che hanno partecipato:



“Il corso per me è stato RIVELAZIONE, oltre che RIVOLUZIONE. 
Completo, chiaro, intenso.”
“Intenso di contenuti, elaborati in modo semplice, completo per le pratiche e le prove di pratica che abbiamo affrontato, chiaro perché non ha lasciato niente di non risolto, le domande sono state ascoltate proprio tutte e gli argomenti svelati in un ordine logico, che senza che ce ne accorgessimo, è riuscito a farci capire e sapere.”
“Gli insegnanti, alto livello in primis di cuore e d’insegnamento, hanno compresso un sacco di nozioni e argomenti senza però tralasciare nulla, ed è proprio la chiarezza e l’umiltà espositiva a dimostrazione della loro grande preparazione.”
“Per me è stata ed è tutt’ora un’esperienza straordinaria.
Tre giorni di full immersion ti mettono in contatto con lo yoga e con te stessa come solo i workshop residenziali possono fare.
 E’ stata una rivoluzione su tutti i fronti: ho trovato esattamente quello che cercavo, ovvero il perché filosofico, teorico e anatomico della pratica. Capendo quello, ho capito come mai lo Yoga stava (e sta) lavorando in me. Questo ha spalancato cancelli, portoni, gallerie… Milioni di strade che partono da me e che sospetto abbiano un’unica direzione.”
“In generale definirei questo TT straordinariamente rivoluzionario; mi ha dato modo di riflettere molto e di aver maggior consapevolezza riguardo ad alcuni aspetti delle mia vita e soprattutto ha cambiato tantissimo il mio approccio alla pratica dandomi molti strumenti utili per entrare ed allinearmi al meglio in ogni singola asana.”
“Grazie davvero e di cuore. Spero che lo stesso percorso possa dare ad altri quello che ha dato a me.”



The teacher:



Nico Luce



As an avid story teller, philosopher, traveller and mover, Nico has spent much of his life in pursuit of the extra ordinary. From intrepid travels through India, acting stints and a successful Yoga studio ownership, Nico has spent much of his life seeking a way to live fully, with more vibrancy, and to embrace this life with each breath, one breath at a time.
Nico is a 500 hour certified Yogi and international trainer who has been teaching yoga since 2003. His love for Eastern philosophy, spirituality and anatomy are all weaved skillfully into his teaching. His style is eclectic, drawing on his study with some of the top teachers in Hatha, Anusara, Vinyasa, Yin and Power Yoga and Pilates.
By bringing to life the ancient teachings of yoga, Nico’s goal is to take you on a powerful transformational journey which will have you seeking the answers to your questions and challenging the way you view your life. Inviting you to look inside, to never stop asking the questions and to be brave to remain open, to take a chance on yourself.





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