Ankit Kokil – Yoga (intermedio/avanzato in Inglese)

I am a young, enthusiastic and energetic soul who is passionate about Yoga and art.

Yoga has taught me the balance of life; it is the accumulation of the decade of practice and learning I received from my teachers over the years. My journey to Yoga started at an early age of 13 by getting involved into the Yoga asanas competitions and conferences. This motivated me to start my quest towards attaining proper postures and to understand the body alignment behind each asana. I got my 600 hrs Teacher Training certification under the guidance of Yogshiromani Dr. Gopal Ji in a Guru Shishya environment at Global Yog Alliance, where I learned and understood the science behind asanas.


I believe alignment and order are very important pillars for a Yoga practitioner. Yoga for me is the action of thoughts, consistency and surrender in the physical and spiritual process and to let go of all the worldly problem balancing mind and body. Yoga and Meditation are the gateway for me to releve stress and to feel self aware refreshed and balanced.

In my class I love to stretch and share the techniques and scientific know how behind all the postures with the spirit of playfulness and rhythm to help all the Yoga lovers develop and walk their own path and grow by understanding their body nature.